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    .IN is the official Internet
    domain of India.

    Once available to only a
    small group, .IN domain
    names will soon be
    available to everyone
    who wants one.
    Companies, individuals,
    and organizations in
    India and abroad will
    be eligible.
    Show your pride by using
    a .IN domain name --
    the symbol of
    India's future!
    $ 19.95 / year

    Fast and secure !

    Establish your european identity
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    Free forwarding of your Domain Name
    With Website Redirection you can use your domain name as a website address which directs visitors to any existing website on the Internet. You can direct visitors to your website or another company's. Your domain continues to display in your visitor's browser when they reach the website and while visiting any page in that website.

    Free E mail
    With E-mail Forwarding, you have the ability to have all email that is addressed to your-domain-name.com forwarded to your current email address! This allows you to create an unlimited number of email addresses to the left of the @your-domain-name.com.

    100 E mail addresses for your family and / or employees
    Yawadoo.us has added new email options for you. You can now get additional email space and 100 individual mailboxes that you can set and control yourself. Do you want a 20 MB mailbox ? Do you want to have new mailboxes to set for your employees, friends or family ? Get it now ...FREE !

    Free management of your Domain Name
    Use Yawadoo.US to register new domains and also move existing domain(s) here. Then manage these domains yourself using the web-based management features of Yawadoo.US . This means that you can use our site to register new domains, or if you already have your own domains, sub-domains, or hostnames you can move them to our DNS and use these great services.

    Automatic Meta Tags for your website
    As part of the Redirection feature, you can enter Title, Keywords and Description meta tags for your site. After you've submitted your website to a search engine, the search engine may use this information to index and describe your site.

    Analysis, Reporting, and Management for your domain
    You can see how visitors are finding your site, which search engines sent them to you, and which web browser they are using. You might discover that most of your traffic is from a foreign country and this in turn influences you to add language support, thereby suiting the site to match your growing customer base and therefore increasing sales.
    Dynamic - IP at no extra charge
    Use Yawadoo's FREE dynamic DNS solution to run a server at home even with a dynamic IP, using your personal domain name. Our dynamic DNS updates your client tracks .

    Windows 2000 Web Hosting
    Only $19.95 / per year additional
  • 10 MB Disk Space
  • Per month Data Transfer 10 GB
  • FrontPage 2002 features supported
  • ASP, PHP, VB-Script,Java-Script
  • Database: MS Access & ODBC
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring

    SurfStats Log Analyzer

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