Hosting Information

Uploading your site
with FTP (wsftp32)
  • Host:
  • User-id:
    your domainname
    without "www"
  • Password:
    the password from
    the customer-login

    Download WS_FTP

  • Uploading your site
    with frontpage
  • Use the
    publish command
    from the file-menu
    (picture 1)

  • Change the
    HTTP:// ... command
    (picture 2)

  • Enter your full
    (without www) as
    login (username)
    and your password
    (picture 3)

  • Picture 1

    Picture 2

    Picture 3

    Getting information
    and sending the
    form-result by email
    You need to make
    two files

    1. The file for the
    visitor to see
    and to enter his

    2. The file that ...
  • Gets the information
    and sends it by mail
  • Returns an answer
    to the visitor

  • File 1 is the form where the visitor enters the information... example...

    Enter your name here...
    Enter your emailaddress here...
    This is the code ...

    File 2 gets the results and has to be an asp-file !
    This is the code of sendmail.asp

    an access-database
    with odbc and adodb
    Example 1 ( reads the database mydatabase.mdb ) Run it here...
    code 1:

    Example 2 ( Enter your name to the database: mydatabase.mdb )
    Enter your name ... code 2: